Monday, August 01, 2005

While in JoAnn's fabric store recently, (armed with my 40% off coupon, of course ) I noticed this magazine and as I leafed through it, I knew it was a 'had to have' issue. This has the sewn 'shrug' I posted in the previous post, with 3 different styles no less. And, how to fold a place mat into a purse. I'm not planning to do that but....interesting too. Drivers' Ed for sewing machines and ta da, how to make a pattern from a store bought garment. That one really cinched the sale for me! A bonus is lots of urls' for sewing sources and such. Well, so far this morning my only accomplishment was to trace off (tediously) an embroidery pattern with a hot-iron? pencil. Finally got that done, not as clearly as I'd like, I had to go over some of it with a pencil afterward. It will be a redwork piece and its so cute. If it turns out as nice as the picture, I'm gonna love it. I'll post a pic of that later on when its actually started. I may do it in rose rather that red though.  Posted by Picasa

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ms*robyn said...

I adore redwork ! I have some wonderful patterns if you would like. I maybe able to email them somehow or snail mail if you like.