Thursday, August 18, 2005

We are back at home after a big day at the amusement park that is about an hour from us. Hubby and I don't ride anything nowadays. Too hard on our necks and not worth having a headache for several hours. was priceless to watch our 18 month old grandson ride in the Kiddyland things. He was so tired but eagerly climbed into cars and planes and turtles etc. For a baby he was a little man and our hero! Our guest is hemming her gown for the wedding she is to be in on Saturday and I want to go downstairs and give her some moral support. Just what every woman wants and seldom gets...right? Her gown is a rich red color and I admire her for tackling the hem at almost midnight after a long day at an amusement park. Hope everyone had a good day, I'm ready for some sleep, this Nana is all tired out . Good night all. Posted by Picasa


Me said...

I bet your grandson slept well too, after all the riding and excitement! :o)

I'm nosey.. whereabouts in the US do you live, maggie ann? If you don't mind telling me?... :o)

ms*robyn said...

Did you get to eat fairy floss? Hope you had a great sleep !