Thursday, August 25, 2005

Vintage embroidery patterns

index A thankyou to Finn for sharing this unique and charming site. I've already printed off the vintage cat potholder and sunbonnet sue from the 'free' section.


ms*robyn said...

wow - thanks for that. I love the cute little needle case cottage

Finn said...

Hi Maggie Ann, and a happy Friday to you..*VBS* You are most welcome for the link to patternbee. I think it's a charming site, and I love her blog also.
I have printed off the Miss Liberty, the sunbonnet and also the little cottage needle case.
The things she has are so charming. I'll be using the transfer pencil I had mentioned to you, to trace the sunbonnet and iron it onto fabric. They are about $2 at a JoAnn's or fabric store, but sure do last a long, long time. And it opens up the whole possibilty of pictures from coloring books, etc to be traced and stitched.