Thursday, August 04, 2005

Me, oh my...I'm burning the midnight oil here trying to put something in my sidebar. I put the verse of the day in with no trouble at all.....meant to be I guess. But....I cannot get that pesky 'women at home' webring banner to work. I've tried pasting that thing every which-a-way to no avail. Oh well, I gave it a super-duper try anyway. Best get out of here and get some rest now. This photo is one taken a couple of months ago while we were in S.C. Pretty, isn't it!  Posted by Picasa


ms*robyn said...

wow ~ that photo could be the view I look at from the front window. Very similar to here in the Blue Mountains.
by the way ~ if you need any help with the sidebar, just ask. I am not at all an expert but I think I have it worked out..after spending lots of time on it!

Raehan said...

I remember struggling to learn all this stuff.