Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another scorcher! I'm thankful to have air-conditioning. This post is just a quick check-in. I made my 'shrug' last night and oh my goodness, it turned out just like the picture. I was tickled pink. The camera batteries are in the charger, so no picture just now of the shrug. Yesterday was spent shopping for a basement door and found nary a one that was just what we needed. Lowe's didn't have our size in stock, etc.....and I think my husband is ready to ??? He's about 'had it' with the frustration. Times like these make me glad I'm just the 'little woman' along for the ride with the pink purse full of embroidery floss sticking out the top while she does pink daisys on her new apron. (Of course I say encouraging things like...what a shame!....etc) Still, I'm glad the stressful door isn't hanging over me directly. Well, I'm off to start sewing my new blouse, can't wait to see how that goes. I haven't set in a sleeve in years and am actually looking forward to it.....have I gone insane?? Nope, not at all, it must be the Lord at work in me cause I can't explain it. Of course if it doesn't go well, I 'm sure my good intentions will nose-dive. Oh, why did I even think that? Faint heart never sewed new blouse, now did it!......."Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing, for God is my defense, and the God of my mercy." Psalms 59:17 By the way, this is the wondrous sky Mom and I see when take her outside at the nursing home, wheel chair on the move! Posted by Picasa


ms*robyn said...

oh, how I feel for you in the heat! I love your description of just being the little woman ~ made me laugh. I can't wait to see your blouse * what a lovely view at the nursing home

Renee said...

Good luck with your blouse.

Thank you so much for being such a faithful reader (and commenter) over at my blog since Zira's tour started. I've been having a lot of fun "showing people around" the place where I grew up.