Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Heres my faithful old machine, which my husband keeps trying to talk me into deciding which new model I want.....not sure yet...the buttonholer is no longer working but the blindstitch works = ). This machine helped me sew baby clothes for our twins, who are now 32 years old, and darling blouses and dresses for both girls. Our daughter went to kindergarten with her doll wearing matching dresses. She was so cute! When they were babies I would put them (boy and a girl in case you are wondering ) in the twin stroller and roll them back and forth with my foot while I sewed. I must have been pretty determined to sew, but hey, I could have thought of it like I was using a treadle machine....maybe?? Anyway I got a lot of things sewed up on this old friend. Pillow shams, even a puffy sleeping bag for our oldest girl. This machine deserves a tribute, to bad its going to have to be replaced one of these days! Posted by Picasa

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