Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back from our little visit to the sunny south where lives a handsome young man, all of 17 months old and such a charmer! What fun to have a grandson, how marvelous! While there, my daughter and I made jewelry one evening. This is so much fun and rewarding, in that, we create something we couldn't afford to buy, but end up with 'one of a kind' pretties. Thanks to each one of you who stopped by to read my blog and left a comment. I appreciate you = ). This morning I am too relaxed .....just reading and blogging. I'm reading "So Shall We Stand" by Elyse Larson. At first it was slow going and I thought it sort of read like a Nancy Drew, a little slow to say the least, but then I got into the plot and am having a hard time not picking it up. Not my favorite author, but a pleasant read just the same....."Each moment of the year has its own beauty". Ralph Waldo Emerson. Reading has enriched my life over and over. God gives so much to us to enjoy. Lets remember to give him thanks, and especially for the gift of His Son, our Lord. Posted by Picasa

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