Monday, June 27, 2005

Re Soli Deo Gloria

This is a wonderful blog! Linda has posted an essay by Joshua Harris, called "The Room". It is powerful and really makes an impact in your thinking about everyday life. You'll have to scroll down the page abit to Thursday's post of June 16th to find it. A few months ago on a road trip home we stopped at a convenience store and they had a bin of Christian books. As we browsed, I noticed one by Joshua Harris that was head and shoulders above the rest in catching and holding my interest, but, can't buy them all. The best I hoped for was to remember his name, which I promptly forgot and now here he is popping up on one of my favorite blogs = ). I hope you'll pop over and read this, its good!! I noticed he has a web page too. I'm off to check it out = ). Soli Deo Gloria's URL is in the previous post.

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Linda said...

Hi Maggie!

Thanks for letting people know about "The Room!" Isn't it powerful?

It's easy to get discouraged by our failures, but God in His faithfulness reminds us of His grace, mercy and steadfast love. He is so good!

Blessings to you!