Thursday, June 30, 2005

Brown eyed Susans are charming me again. They have re-seeded themselves all over the place. It always frustrates me how they come up wherever the wind blows them and not always where I'd like them to be. Still, they are most welcome. They are like a friend you can always count on = ). tells me they have the name 'Rudbeckia' and are a hardy herbaceous perennial and annual. They come from N.America and of course belong to the daisy family. Some of thier names are so pretty. How about, Golden Sunset, Indian Chief, or Autumn Glow? They sure can take the heat and yet be sturdy and cheerful. Do I sense a spiritial application here? Ouch! Posted by Hello


Saija said...

awwww summer colours ... mmmm, warm and pleasing to the eye!

Frances said...

Maggie Ann,
thanks for your nice words about my blog,
yes I'm across the pond off the north west tip of Scotland,
I took a look at your blog and what fabulous flowers you have, my garden is my other love and if/when I get time I would love to have a garden blog, I have noticed though that quiet a few quilters like gardening too,
the snow in summer is finished flowering now but the hardy geraniums are out and the pinks are getting ready to burst,
I love the Daisy flower group and think black eyed Susan's are beautiful, I have some in my garden but they have not self seeded yet wish they would,