Saturday, June 25, 2005

As I was reading the email from "Knitters Review" I remembered this CD which I just used yesterday. Knitters Review highly recommended "Point-Click-Knit" on DVD for beginner knitters. This Coats and Clark CD is great. And, the best part is that I bought it at JoAnns fabric store with one of their 40% coupons off. I am attempting to knit a cable stitch after many years of not doing one. This is a great CD, and you can't beat the price at JoAnns. Posted by Hello


Allena said...

oh i love my knitting CD i use it when i really need to learn something and can't figure it out. i also lend it to people who want to learn to knit! i just got mine back and i need to learn to kitchner! LOL

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Allena, yes, the knitting CD's are really great! I wish they had more of them out, even more advanced. Know of any?