Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday's child is posting a picture of her knitting as a break from polishing the furniture. There are about 19 rows of decreasing to go before she gets to start the 'lace' edging.....speaking here as if Saturday's child gets to do only enjoyable things while Maggie Ann must scrub up the kitchen floor, practice her cello music, and get over to the nursing home as pronto as possible to visit Mom who is sick.......While reading a bit of the Sunday paper (we get half on Saturday) I read that squirrels love tulip bulbs and dig them up, but do not like daffidils. I never knew that. We do have a big handsome squirrel dashing around our neighborhood, I admire him but those sentiments may change if he makes off with my bulbs for a meal. The same article told of a a couple coming home and finding a squirrel had gotten in through thier garage and had found thier stash of Hershey kisses, and was sitting on the table unwrapping each one, gorging himself. What a surprise that must have been. ......."All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" :-) .....Charles M. Schulz Posted by Hello

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