Friday, May 06, 2005

Knitter Kat is finally knitting. See my pattern, which I got from Jane, the Fan and Feather baby blanket. The interesting thing is that the pattern is familiar to me so far, about identical to a dishcloth pattern I have done, you know the one where you start with three stitchs and YO at the beg of each row. It looks like its going to be on the small side though. I decided its better to knit something simple rather than not at all. Heres hoping the feather and fan lace part is fairly simple.  Posted by Hello

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Jane said...

The Feather & Fan lace is simple - one pattern row out of four and if you keep an eye on the center stitch of the "feathers" and make sure that it's running straight up after every pattern row, you shouldn't have any trouble.