Monday, May 02, 2005

5 Stars for Liz Curtis Higgs

Just finished reading Whence Came a Prince. It was the last of the Scottish trilogy written by Liz Curtis Higgs. The first book in the series was Thorn in My Heart. I remember sitting in the booth at Subway, entranced by the first opening pages of that book. A very gripping story. The second book in the trilogy, Fair is the Rose, was so very heartwrenching I donated it to the library, and never wanted to read anything so sad again. When we were in S.C. I bought this last book of the trilogy and it is a masterpiece. I loved reading it and am sorry it has come to an end, but what an end! The bits of poetry at the beginning of each chapter are poignant. The trilogy is based on scripture from the book of Genesis 31 and on.

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