Friday, April 22, 2005

A special thanks to all of you whose blogs I visit. It makes my days more interesting and more informed at times. And for some, I come away with a smile and a heart closer to my God. Things are busy around here this week. Our son is remodeling our family room, and there is furniture and books shoved anywhere and everywhere. We are getting ready for a birthday next week, (just finished wrapping the gifts :-). The weather is gloriously warm and I just marvel at the beauty of the tulips. All praise to God!! This picture was taken at the Conservatory, but our tulips are just as beautiful. I started another 'Miss Read' book yesterday in the car. The title....'Village Centenary'. When I first read the title, of course at first glance, I thought it said, 'Village Cemetery' and I wondored why in the world anyone would write a book about a cemetery. Then the 'light' came on....(smiles). This book is the 1st, 'first edition' (how be it, 1st American edition) I own. After noticing this, I am reluctant to carry it about, for fear of marring this valuable novel......No time for needlework just now, but I love to admire other s' knitting and such. I'll get back to it eventually. Hope your day is blessed and that my Saviour is your Saviour too. I couldn't wish more than that for anyone!! Happy day to you. Posted by Hello

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