Saturday, March 05, 2005

Thinking back to last summer and looking forward to seeing flowers blooming again, like this ornery "Passion Flower" which does a good job of trying to take over our flower beds. This week has gone so fast because I have been reading up a storm. Yes, its those "Jamie Langston Turner" books again. I finish one and start another. I just started "A Garden to Keep". The folks in them are so real and down-homey, and its wondrous to behold when one of them gets saved. How their life becomes so different. Jesus calls it being "born again". He said, "ye must be born again". I especially love it when teenagers get saved, and for the first time reach out to care and love those around them. And, these books are full of educational thoughts about life and poetry and how the past blends into the present and so on. All of a sudden I want to read my Anne of Green Gables series again from start to finish and maybe Jane Eyre, and the set of Mildred books my husband got me on e-bay for my birthday. I have always considered books to be the best of friends. I remember reading "The Yearling" in about 8th grade study hall period. It was stifling hot that day and the class period stretched out like an eternity before us. Somewhere time ceased to be as I ran through the forest with Jody, and when the bell rang at the end of the study hall, someone had to call to me to let me know we were to leave. What a classic book. I have never forgotten that experience and even love to thumb through The Yearling just to admire the illustrations. A teacher friend once said that there was nothing as relaxing to her as reading a good book. How true for me also. Thankyou Lord for my library. Posted by Hello


Saija said...

our living room coffee table, which is a large pine one my husband made, is covered with books ... i tidy it up when company comes, but when i'm sitting on the couch i LOVE to have a variety of books around, just waiting for me to read them ... i have different bible translations, study books, and some fiction ... there is never enough hours in a day to enjoy books ... they truly are good friends ... :)

Debra said...

Hi Maggie Ann... Just wanted to say thanks for your comment at my blog from a few days ago--I just came across it today. Thanks so much! Oh, and I loved the photo of your flower! :o) Thanks again, Debra