Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Barnes & Noble Booksellers = Enjoyment

Yesterday, while my husband was at the Verizon store getting my cell phone "fixed", I got to browse the Barnes & Noble store. Is there anything more relaxing than that? Well, yes and no, it just depends on what mood I'm in. I always without a doubt, head for the knitting and stained glass section. I pour over the knitting books, looking for a "right in front of my eyes", in black and white, answer for my knitting gauge problem but never yet have discovered one. Then I checked out the stained glass books for a short time, but since I have a new book I haven't made anything out of yet, I went over to stationary, hoping to see some of Carol Wilson's embossed cards. I love those :-). By that time my husband was back to pick me up, and I barely got to look at the Bargain stuff. I just donated a large box of books to our churchs spring garage sale. Parting with books is hard to do. The Catherine Palmer book I'm reading is very good, the kids were missionary kids, raised in Africa and the author digs back into those childhood experiences that relate to the adults that the children have now become. Actually, the last few chapters have been riveting. Tears to your eyes and all that :-).....I have to force myself not to impulse buy. Buying on e-bay has saved at least half the bookstore prices for us many times. So, Maggie Ann, keep your fingers off the wallet....Please, be patient!! (I'm learning).

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Saija said...

i've been to this HUGE bookstore in arizona that had nice old armchairs to sit in, and a coffee bar ... plus SHELVES of books upon books (old and new) ... sigh ... i love places like that ... AND i'm glad you got to enjoy for awhile!

oh, your flowers are beautiful too ... lovely for Easter, and the reminder of our RISEN CHRIST! What a Saviour!