Friday, February 18, 2005


Still recovering from the virus, but putting some of the time to good use by tatting. It always amazes me how so much time can pass and then I get to knitting or cross-stitching or tatting again and enjoy the creativity of it all over again. My Mother always crocheted afghans. She told me that she used to save the string the grocerer wrapped her purchases in, and balled it and used it to teach herself to crochet. She used to get up early in the morning to have time to crochet. This was way back when she was in her twenties. Needlework and I didn't really take to each other until I was a Mother myself. But when I did start to enjoy needlework it was very relaxing. In my twenties, I would be up early in the a.m. and do ruffled doilies. That was my passion for a long time. How I ever had the patience for the ruffles, I don't know. I do remember they seemed to take forever, and the challenge of figuring out those patterns, well, how sweet it was!


Saija said...

i'll share a secret ... i am so blessed to have a mother and sisters and aunt who all love to do various crafts like weave, stitch, needlepoint, knit ... etc etc ... and i get gifts of these LOVELY homemade objects ... i must do something in return, because they keep blessing me with their talent ... sweet, eh?

Jane said...

Your tatting is beautiful, Maggie. I finally found out how to trace back from the comment on my blog to find yours. You asked about putting things in the sidebar and I posted an answer, but on my blog so you probably didn't see it. You were wondering how to get more material into your side bar. Looking at your source code, I think you can keep adding after the moon code and before the part that has the /div in brackets. Email me at janedevlin at ameritech dot net and we'll see if we can figure it out.