Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A progress report...having gotten past the first snowflake tip she is now approaching the 5th tip and wondoring if she should refill the shuttles or will they hold up for one more cloverleaf and 4 chains? Posted by Hello


HomeJewel said...

Wow - it's coming along beautifully - absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for reading my blog. No, I don't make my own sheet sets - just special pillowcases. My kids now want one for every season or holiday!

Jane said...

WOW is right.. tatting is the one soft craft I've tried that completely flummoxed me. My step-grandmother tried to teach me how back in high school and my knots always went the wrong way. I was glad to get your comments on my blog a bit ago. The wrapper for the Red Heart yarn in the crayon box colors calls it Mexicali.