Thursday, February 24, 2005

Our pine tree seen through "Baroque glass" . It looks as if ice is frozen to the window, but it is the stained glass mentioned above and some "Glue chip" glass. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is a good day for this "beholder". I hadn't realized a week had gone by without an update on my blog, but I'm back now, :-) "It is a sad thing to reflect that in a world so overflowing with goodness of smell, of fine sights, and sweet sounds, we pass by hastily and take so little notice of them." David Grayson...........I worked a little while on my wall hanging this p.m. and find I need to cut more which I say, yuk. Feburary is not finding me very movitated but it still has its charm which I capture through my camera's viewfinder now and again. Posted by Hello

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Saija said...

your pictures and comments made me smile ... i think God loves it when we ENJOY the simple pleasures ... like the view outside ones window (i happened to snap our outside view today too) ... :)