Thursday, December 02, 2004

Practice and more practice, how rewarding it can be, and how frustrating at times also, but loving my cello all the time. Sitting here at the computer watching my items of interest on ebay. The bidding is still going up on the books I have my eye on. My daughter did alot of Christmas shopping on e-bay and got some great things, such as a lavender teacup for my Feista collection. We have already had our gift exchange with her family, since they are out of state. Now, its more relaxing untill the 25th and we have our church services to rejoice over the wondrous fact that the son of God, came himself to this world to demonstrate his love for us and was willing to go to the cross to redeem us from our sins.......I am so thankful. .....My Mom just got a computer for her Christmas gift ( we do things early :-) and it was up and running as they say, yesterday and I want to check back with her and see how its going. I remember the first time I used my mouse, I thought I had carpal tunnel that first 2 days, and then I was ok with it. It's harder for Mom, she has had a stroke and can't use her right hand much. We've been looking for a left handed trackball mouse for success yet. Posted by Hello

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