Monday, August 09, 2004

Too Bad....

Too bad I had a cracked filling and went to the dentist this afternoon. I feel like the old-time pictures of the woman with the swollen cheek and a cloth tied around her head, trying to get relief from the toothache. I imagine they had ice or heat in the cloth. Tomorrow it will be all better. It doesn't hurt, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully it won't turn into a root canal job, you know how that happens sometimes with old fillings that are deep......I am reading HTML 4 Dummies..hmmnn...Is it helping? What is helping for sure is the Microsoft site I stumbled upon. I discovered "line break"
, and how happy that makes me to see the results. Now, to understand how to make a "hot link" for the sidebar. The light is beginning to dawn, if ever so slowly.

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