Thursday, August 12, 2004

Gauge: Countdown

As a dedicated knitter (one of my many....many desires), I am about to start the gauge, to begin knitting a short-sleeved pullover with my cheerful "Cherry" Paton's yarn. It feels so nice, being 92%Rayon. Anyway, tonight is the night to give it a whirl. The size 8 needles standby, even as I type this. Let's hope it goes well and I get off to a good start......Today went by quickly, in spite of the rain. The novels arrived in the mail that I ordered from EBay, and they are brand new with jackets, if you please. Hardback to boot. I pulled them out of the packaging with some sense of awe at the jackets and that new, new, new look and feel. :-) I have already read them, but will reread them in the future, yes, they are that good. "If I Gained the World" by Linda Nichols, and Jan Karon's wonderful book.."Shepherds Abiding".

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