Saturday, August 28, 2004

Apples and Oranges

This has been a great day. Very productive and thats always a plus for me. I spent the morning picking up apples and raking under the trees. It was a beautiful time. Sort of like a piece of art. The shadows and sunlight filtering through the branches and the fresh red and yellow shades of color on the apples were so pleasing to the eye, I actually felt energized. Met my husband for lunch and then off to get Mom some grocery items and then helped her make some more Christmas ornaments that are very pretty. She takes clear glass balls and covers them with a glue-water mixture, and then attaches 1" squares of colored tissue paper, overlapping. When that dries, she brushes them with a paint-glue with glitter in it. If I think of it I'll take my camera over and get a snapshot of for the oranges in the title, well, Mom had me buy some for her. She enjoys one for breakfast every morning. We usually get them at Aldi's but had to get some locally. My issue of "Country Woman" arrived today and doesn't it have a nice sweater pattern in it. I have to admit I am still dragging my feet, or I should say dragging my needles, on the gauge problem. My goal here is to make a 4" swatch of all knit stitching and one of all perl stitching and then compare the gauge. I have the best of intentions of doing this, the knit one is done, but the days fly by and I'm no closer to getting down to business. Oh well, life goes on and hopefully when the time is right, it will be on the front burner instead of the back one.

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