Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wednesday's Student

Today was cello lessons. One chamber music group and one just for me. The music was a challenge and I was leary of some of it, but our teacher is fabulous and walked us through it and it turned out to be not only fun but very satisfying. While we were attempting to make beautiful music, a deer walked slowly across the lawn, that was nice to see.....I'm not sure what is happening with my posting, but Blogger ate up 3 posts that never got published :-( ......well, for the here and now, I have a chicken roasting in the oven waiting for us and then a rest, and off to Prayer Meeting. That is always fun to visit with our church family and a blessing to have Pastor give us the Bread of Life, God's word......I just sent my Mom some "new" old pictures of her and her family from way back when, when they were young and just married. Surprise comes your family tree :-).....Her Ceiva frame is a digital picture frame that sits on a table, and has a power pack and phone jack attached. It shows a continual slide show every 5 seconds. It's great for folks in a nursing home, or for anyone, anywhere. It's a day-brightener for sure !!!"Smile for the joy of others".

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