Friday, July 09, 2004

Time to Knit ??

Perhaps this post will fan a flame of desire to get back to knitting instead of reading, but oh how good those books were. Summertime is so ripe for reading and relaxing. But....this yarn purchase is past the newborn age by a few months. I am curious if this will be an easy pattern for me. The pullover is knitted from the left sleeve across the body to the right sleeve. Then the ribbings are added. Good thing its summertime, if I can get myself to start and run into trouble, I can head off to the nearest yarn shop, which is an hour away :-( ....well, first things first, I must start the gauge swatch. I forgot that I can always go to Bella online to the knitting forum for help from Eva, she is terrific at helping solve knitting problems.

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