Thursday, July 22, 2004

Queen Anne's Lace, always a favorite of mine. Posted by Hello

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Marlene said...

I am dropping by from my blog "Wovenflame" to try to answer your question about positioning HTML on your blog. Unfortunately that is like the blind leading the blind! I used a "by guess and by golly" method myself.

On your formatting page find the text that says "sidebar". In there you will find the text that creates the "I power Blogger" button. I pasted the html for my link buttons there....simply because it was the only thing on my page I recognized the HTML for. My hit counter is way down at the bottom of my main page (which I figure is okay because I am the only one who is really interested). It is there because it was the first place I was able to get it postitioned and working. :-Z

Sorry I can't help you more. I am pretty much in a blogging fog myself.