Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Monday Vacation

Yesterday was so much fun !! We went to the Homer Laughlin China Outlet in Newell, West Virginia. They have a new color of china out, its called "tangerine" and it is very pretty. We have a fairly large collection here at home, but who can resist just a few more pieces ?? Not us, thats for sure. We had a crate full and loved every piece. In the spring and fall they have a great sale on thier "seconds". In September they are coming out with another new color, I think they call it "scarlet" and it is a really pretty red.
On the way there, I busied myself reading, "HTML for Dummies" and on a "l to 10" scale, I am still a "1". Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We got a scanner and I have spent alot of time trying it out this afternoon. More reading and hands on stuff for me to spend time on. I'm not bored at any rate. :-)

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