Thursday, July 29, 2004

Each to Another

Lately I have been going through old photos of my Mom's side of the family. It is very interesting to see pictures of those in our family tree. Some I know or knew, and others, many others, came and went before I was born. Each of us inherits or gives something of ourselves to another of our relatives. Some were blessed with curly hair, artistic talents and so on. One of the things I most appreciate is my Father's sense of humor that was passed along to me and my sister. Let's see, what did I get from Mom's side of the family. That's easy, a love of reading, and needlework, which is at the same time challenging and peaceful, a flower garden and houseplant fan. Spiritually, each of my parents lives accepted God's love and truth,and probably going to church with my Mom as a child had a very positive influence in my later being sure I was saved. My Uncle gave me a large box of family photos and I never realized just how much I would enjoy them. Thankyou Uncle L.!!!

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