Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Novel Review

One of the nicest things I have done for myself lately was to read some really good Christian fiction. I am currently reading a series of books that are a delight. The characters are very down to earth and easy to relate to, while the story is "salted" with heavenly wisdom, humor, and all around enjoyment. Like the Charles Kincaid series, you immediately feel right at home in this town. I had forgotten how enjoyable a good book is!! If you visit this site, this you will not only enjoy the site but get a description of the various books with some recipes thrown in for good measure. It sure turned out to be "my cup of tea",perhaps it will be yours too. The book I just finished is called "Grace in Autumn" by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt. From this site I learned of the "Chapteraweek". It's a preview of various Christian authors works. Having just signed up for it, I can't vouch for it but am willing to give it a try.

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