Monday, May 24, 2004

This is a stained glass window I made last year. It is being used as a fire screen. It is quite large and when we hung it in our picture window it blocked out a good bit of our nice view, so I found another use for it. A friend helped me choose the colors. Actually, when we go south, I usually visit my favorite stained glass shop and bring home some piece of glass that says "beautiful" to me. this picture really doesn't show all the nuances of color in the glass. Posted by Hello

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jag said...

Hello Kat or Maggie Ann,
Julie just showed me this site, and your stuff is awesome. I love the stained glass, and am interested in getting a piece for my kitchen window. If you do things to sell. I love the flower pictures as well, I have always heard of the flowers, but didn't know what they looked like. Good luck with your site. Take care and may the Lord be with you. Love, Jacy